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Health & Safety

Decko recognizes and is committed to its responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of its employees, suppliers and the general public.

Our people are the greatest asset we have to achieve our objectives, as well as meeting legal and moral obligations in providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. Decko is responsible for, and committed to, providing a safe work environment for all our people. Promotion of safe working conditions and compliance with regulations are key components of health and safety in the work place. Decko monitors, inspects and audits all Safe tasks carried out to ensure maximum safety procedures are deployed. We believe the best way to retain staff and increase productivity is by making our employees have in depth knowledge of the risks they encounter on a daily basis, this doesn’t only give them confidence, it also helps them be aware of their surroundings.

To achieve this commitment Decko will demonstrate through policy development that health and safety receives priority attention on a continual basis. Decko will ensure, as far as is practicable that:

  • It complies with all relevant occupational health and safety legislation;
  • A safe and healthy work environment is provided for its employees and visitors;
  • There is regular consultation with employees to ensure that the policy operates effectively;
  • Appropriate actions are taken to review and improve occupational health and safety performance;
  • Resources commensurate with the company’s emphasis towards occupational health and safety will be made available to provide and maintain for the physical and psychological well-being of employees;
  • Education/training of all employees on health and safety is considered to be a natural course of employment and all employees will be encouraged to embrace this concept. This policy is but an outline of the commitment which this company places upon occupational health and safety within the workplace, but this commitment from all concerned is necessary if the health and safety of all is to be achieved and maintained.

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