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Code of Conduct

Commitment and dedication to ethical professional conduct is expected of all employees in every aspect of our business practices. Our company is judged by how its employees act. Our business model is based upon a commitment toward i.) sound ethics, ii.) personal integrity, and iii.) shared responsibilities, as well as a firm commitment toward our business owners. Therefore, upholding the Decko Ltd reputation is of paramount importance. This reputation will be upheld only if we act with honesty and integrity in all business practices. Maintaining the trust and confidence of our owners, employees, customers, vendors, suppliers, and other people with whom we conduct business [even with our competitors], as well as the communities in which we work, is crucial to our continued growth and success.

This Code shall serve as a basis for ethical decision-making in the performance of work for this Company. Additionally this code may serve as a basis for judging the merit of a formal complaint pertaining to violations of professional ethical standards contained herein. It is understood that some words and descriptions in this code of ethics and professional conduct are subject to varying personal interpretations, and that any ethical principle may conflict with other ethical principles in specific situations. Questions related to ethical conflicts can best be answered by thoughtful consideration of fundamental principles such as honesty, integrity, trust, openness, teamwork, pride, professionalism and respect for others. Put another way, adhering to our Corporate Code of Conduct is an expression of our integrity, attitudes, our way of life, as well as a standard by which we govern our professional and personal lives. This Code therefore is a standard to live by – and not just a list of rules to obey. This will often mean making judgment calls about difficult situations that might not be expressly stated in this Code.

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